Engineering Solutions

In the developing technology and dynamic business world, having the best engineering solutions is a critical factor for success and sustainability. At this point, we are here to add value to you, solve problems and optimize your projects at the highest level. We offer professional consultancy services for the successful management and implementation of your projects. Our experienced team offers cost-effective and timely solutions while successfully managing your complex projects.


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Software Technologies

We further optimize your business processes with software solutions tailored to your needs. Remote monitoring systems have become an important way to make your business processes smarter, more efficient and more effective. As a team specialized in software technologies, we offer solutions to your needs in remote monitoring systems. Understanding and evaluating the collected data provides a critical advantage for your business. With our data analysis and reporting solutions, you can make informed decisions and predict the future.


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Solar Power Plant Installation

DURANKA follows the latest developments in solar energy technology and offers the most innovative solutions to our customers.

We offer customized turnkey projects in accordance with our customers' needs. Our projects provide our customers with a reliable energy source by offering excellent performance, low maintenance costs and long-lasting use.


Solar Power Plant


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Solar Energy Grant Support

Solar energy incentives are basically given by 5 different institutions. The financial source of TKDK and KKYDP incentives is the IPARD Program Fund, which was created with the co-financing of the European Union and the Republic of Turkey. Apart from grants and supports, you can also get Solar loans from banks for your Solar Power Plant and other renewable energy investments.

You can contact us to project your initiative and benefit from grant support. We provide services in project writing and power plant installation.


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Solar Panel Cleaning

Cleaning of solar panels should be done using deionized pure water or suitable chemicals. Special chemicals produced for washing solar panels not only leave no traces, but also ensure that hard-to-clean dirt such as bird droppings dissolves easily. If the porous pads used instead of brushes are not washed with enough water or are washed with pulverized water in windy weather, they may cause scratches on the valuable surface of the panel over time.


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Occupational health and Safety

Health and safety in the workplace is more than just an obligation, it is also an ethical responsibility. Keeping our employees safe not only improves business performance, but also contributes positively to our corporate reputation. With our occupational health and safety services, we minimize potential risks in your workplace and offer your employees a safer working environment. Because we are a business partner that not only protects your business, but also prioritizes the health and safety of your people.


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Camera Systems - CCTV

Security is a sensitive issue from the smallest houses to the largest buildings. The use of technology to protect property safety and even life safety largely prevents possible damages. Although cameras cannot eliminate all dangers, they play a big role in catching suspects. You can have a security system with maximum efficiency with the services offered by our company.


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