DURANKA Technology

is a leading company operating in the technology sector. Founded in [2023], our company is headquartered in [Ankara, Türkiye]. Our mission is to help our customers optimize their business processes and gain competitive advantage by providing the latest technological solutions.

We aim to become a globally recognized technology leader by shaping the technologies of the future today. Innovation, sustainability and customer satisfaction are our core values.

We work with an experienced and expert team. Our team members, each specialized in their own field, came together to make our projects successful.

We are proud to have served many important customers to date.

Our Mission

Our company acts with commitment to ethical values ​​and awareness of responsibility, keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level. Our primary goal is to offer our customers innovative, high-quality and value-creating products/services. We aim to exceed customer expectations by supporting continuous improvement and innovation without compromising quality at every stage. At the same time, we take into account social and environmental impacts in the way we do business by taking leadership in environmental sustainability and social contributions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a globally recognized and preferred brand by taking a leading position in the industry. While achieving this goal, we will maintain our customer-focused approach, encourage continuous development and support innovation. By investing in our human resources, we will ensure that our employees use their potential at the highest level and encourage teamwork. Additionally, we will fulfill our responsibilities towards society and the environment by creating a sustainable world and way of doing business not only for today but also for future generations.

Our values

Customer Focus: We strive to understand our customers' needs and add value to them.
Quality and Innovation: We constantly strive to improve quality and produce innovative solutions.
Ethical Values: We adhere to honesty, transparency and ethical values ​​while doing our job.
Social Responsibility: We strive to reduce our social and environmental impacts and take an active role in sustainability.
Employee Satisfaction: The happiness and development of our employees is important to us and we take steps in this direction.